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Production Team and Crew
Bendigo Theatre Company welcomes applications for the following production team positions for 'Barnum' to be performed in the 2017 September School Holidays

Position descriptions for the following production team positions are available at

- (FILLED) Assistant Director
- Stage Manager
- (FILLED) Assistant/Deputy Stage Manager
- (FILLED) Choreographer
- Set Designer
- Set Construction Coordinator
- Lighting Designer
- Audio operator(s)
- Props co-ordinator(s)
- Costume Designer
- Makeup Designer
- Hair Designer
- Marketing / publicity team


Additional positions that we are seeking to fill include:
- (FILLED) Assistant to the Musical Director
- Rehearsal pianist
- Audition accompanist - 12.00-2.00pm Saturday 3 June 
- Orchestra/band members (full orchestra list is in production folder)
- Vocal coach(es)
- Set builders / painters / carpenters 
- Make up artists
- Hairdresser
- Publicity team
- Costume makers
- Wardrobe helpers (sewers, dressers)

If you have any questions about the aforementioned roles, please contact Chloe for music related roles, and Kristen or Mary for all others.

Applications for BARNUM production team are open, please complete the subsequent form to express your interest

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Thank you so much for your application.

If you know of anybody else who might be interested, please let them know about Barnum.

We are in a startup phase and we need help to spread the word.
We will be in touch shortly.

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